Design benefits vision and vision benefits design.

In the year 2000, the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology had the inspiration to foster a new collaboration among visual prosthesis researchers, clinicians, and workers in low vision rehabilitation by creating and sponsoring a series of biennial meetings called ‘The Eye and the Chip’. Successful beyond expectations, these meetings have become the premier gathering place for researchers from all parts of the world.
— Gislin Dagnelie, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

The Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology brings together competing researchers to share their findings, critique each other’s work, and go home with new approaches. 

The Eye and The Chip, organized with Harvard Medical School, encourages collaboration between efforts to provide artificial vision to many people who are now blind.

The Eye, The Brain, and The Auto improves our understanding of the relationship between vision and the safe operation of vehicles, in an attempt to reduce fatalities.